Panda Pics!

  1. My darling Panda joined my family this Christmas. You can't help but smile when you look at him!

    And I didn't realize how dirty my mirror was. :shame: LOL.
    panda01.jpg panda02.jpg panda03.jpg panda04.jpg
  2. such a darling little bag!
  3. Aww..way too cute. Don't you just love his little backside? :lol:
  4. I love the panda bag. I sold mine last summer on eBay. Still can't believe I did it. I miss that bag. :sad:

    Congrats on your new addition!!!!!
  5. congrats! I love the panda!
  6. wowowow...where did you get it?
    i'm so dying for one

    congrats, anyway!
  7. How darling, congrats ! :yes:
  8. Very cute! What a great little holiday pal!
  9. Such a cute bag!!
  10. aw thats soo cute! love the panda. and it looks great on you!
  11. He's a cutie, congrats!
  12. Such a cute bag! Congrats
  13. It lloooks darling on you!!!! I suddenly wish I got it! :biggrin:
  14. Congratulations.
  15. Awww, so cute! But seeing your post reminds me of how I keep forgetting to ask my SA about this bag :lol: