Panda OR white MC pochette

  1. I am debating between a panda or white MC pochette. The panda one look so plain though, but it's so cute. The brown color seems to match more clothes than the white MC color. What do you guys think? Any opinions will help. :yes: HOw much "should" a new panda pochette cost these days? Thanks a lot!
  2. i have the white Multicolore Pochette, so i'd go for that. technically, the Multicolore would go with anything too, because there are 33 different colors on the canvas :yes:. i find the Monogram boring, and i don't care for the Panda anyway.
  3. I :heart: the panda but as much as I love it, I'd say go for the MC pochette.
  4. Yeah...I really like the Panda pochette and considering it's would be a nice piece to have...
    but it IS quite plain and the only way to buy it is off eBay.

    Go with the MC's white...and it's rainbow. It'll go with many many things :smile:
  5. I love both! Panda is great if you're into LE items. You can probably get one off ebay for around $450.
  6. go for the MC pochette!
  7. It depends. MC pochette is really cute and fun for a summer night out. Panda you can wear all year around + it's limited and no longer being produced. A new Panda will prob. cost you anywhere between US$500.00 to US$600.00 (they are getting pretty scarce on eBay).
  8. the Panda. it's limited and you won't see as many as any MC bag.
  9. My vote for white MC, although the Panda is darn cute :love:
  10. white MC pochette, panda is cute but I'd be afraid of getting his bum scratched off !
  11. I have a MC pochette in black and I have been able to use it with soooo much because it has so many colors in it, you def. can get a lot of use out of the multicolor items.....I'm more comfortable with the black than the white but I think both are great and you go with the one you feel is more you......
  12. I would go for the white m/ pochette,because i lovvee the panda line,but i think it looks a little childish,but the white m/ you would get more use.But its your choice,both are great.
  13. I think both are great.

    I just love the little Panda, but I'd be too afraid to wear it on a day-to-day base as it's LE and so rare to come by. So I'd probably get the MC pochette.
  14. The Panda is just so cute, but I would go for the MC pochette. I'm getting the black one soon, we can be pochette twins!
  15. MC Pochette is my choice. As it has the 33 colors.