Panda Murakami

  1. Does anyone have the price list of the Panda Murakami Collection?:yes:
  2. I know the pochette was originally $345.
  3. The cles was originally $145, I think.
  4. Ok I have the price list from a Japanese catalog. This collection was a Japan exclusive, so the prices are in Yen:

    Wallet with coin purse - Yen69,800
    Long Zip Wallet - Yen64,050
    Pochette - Yen45,150
    Long Pochette - Yen79,800
    Vavin - Yen116,500
    Round Coin Purse - Yen37,800
    Agenda - Yen48,300
    Cles - Yen29,400
  5. With the last price increase the cles went up to $150.