Panda-monium: Sixteen panda cubs pose for a class shot on their first day at nursery

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  1. Posing for their first day at their new nursery, these 16 panda cubs are clearly going to be a handful.
    In these amazing images, the tiny pandas are shown their new home for the first time after being separated from their mothers.

    The curious cubs were soon exploring their assault course home complete with umbrellas and balloons to welcome them on their first day.

    Rest of the article as well as more panda photos here:

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  2. They are so cute that they look like stuffed toys..... They also look like a handful.
  3. Too cute! Thanks for sharing.
  4. They don't even look real! So cute.
  5. omg i wish i was there with them:cloud9::love::heart:i
  6. oh my god, cuteness overload :biggrin:
  7. ^^ me toooooooooooo!!! :tender:
  8. sooo cuuutee!!! Thanks for sharing this!! SO CUTE!
  9. OMG!! I want to give every one of those adorable pandas a big squeezey hug. Soooo adorable!!!
  10. Aren't they adorable?
  11. Ahhhhhh, they're too cute! I just love pandas! :love: