panda line still around?

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  1. I went to the lv store in Fashion Valley mall (in san diego) and saw 2 panda pochettes and the cles for the first time. I thought this line was no longer made. I should have asked if they had the panda wallet :sad:

    btw you should call this store whenever new stuff comes in, still plenty of groom stuff and the perf speedy was there for a while but recently sold.
  2. My store has plenty of grooms pieces also, but they did just reopen, so this may have everything to do with it! :graucho:
  3. There was a shipment of Panda items sent to the states but, it was the Pochettes and Cles only. Hope that helps.
  4. that is, thanks for that :smile:.
  5. What's the number to FV?
  6. Does anyone know the cost? I have one, but my mom has always loved it...I was going to give her the miroir pouchette, but now I think I am keeping it for know bad daughter.
  7. That's good to know. I'm going to be in the USA (san francisco) next month. Hopefully they have panda line there. Thanks!
  8. Fashion usually has some stuff. They do have some Grooms but I think they're out of the Zippy at the moment. They only get in a couple things at a time though. That's where I'm on the list for the new things but they take forever to come in..I'm still waiting for the Bubbles ring there. The other day that had only ONE of the new pastilles keychain.
  9. Oh and the number for the FV store is 619-497-0946 and the manager is Natalie..she's really nice and helpful.
    That store is really not all that interesting right now though lol..I guess they're preparing for the holiday stuff.
  10. The panda pouchette is $395. :nuts:
  11. i wonder how long it will take for the panda items to sell out?
  12. Thanks!
  13. why were the panda items shipped in? i think thats awesome will they be getting any other discontinued collections like cherry blossom, graffiti etc.?
  14. No, no, no. I think that would be just wishful thinking. Those lines are completely gone and will never see the light of day in a store.

    One can only wish though.....:love:
  15. Ya those are definitely gone. The Panda line was supposed to be exclusive to Japan but apparently didn't sell too well over there, so the remaining stock (pochettes and keyrings, nothing else as those pieces are sold out) is being distributed around the stores here.