Panda Keychain

  1. I have the opportunity to get a brand new panda key chain. I would like to know what all of you lv fans think of that? I was told it looks great accessorry to any lv bag. I cant look at it first, my mom is in a store that is holding her one. I am not sure what to do??? whats your advice????:yes:
  2. I'd say GO FOR IT!
    They look too cute when attached to you speedy or any other bag for that matter!
  3. Have you seen them Rose? I am not sure if its a waste of money?
  4. I think Panda is cute:nuts::
    Cerises.JPG Damier.JPG Graffiti.JPG Neo.JPG
  5. I love my Panda. A lot of us have them and put them on our bags. Here is a pic of mines. I can take of pic of it on my bedford or another one of my bags if you like.
    panda cles.jpg
  6. Yup I've seen them IRL, and on peoples bags from this forum!
    And they really do look extra cute!
    But if you think its a waste of money, why not put it towards something you know you are going to love and that will be alot more useful, like a wallet or Key Cles?
  7. I thought the panda was sold out. Can anyone confirm this for me? Anyway, the panda is super cute.:love:
  8. GET IT !!!

    Boohoo I want one too :crybaby:
  9. Hey Irene
    your bag do look great! Do you use the panda key chain often on all your bags? Thanks
  10. They are very scarce but you can still locate one now and then.
  11. I say go for it... it's freakin' cute. ;)
  12. Thank you! Actually, I use Panda as a regular keychain. Those were the pics from when I first got it and thought I was going to use on the bags. I don't like anything dangling off my bags for some reason.:lol:
  13. thanks the bag looks better without it hanging in your opinion. Do you like the panda key chain or the lv cles?
  14. I like when people hang charms on their bags. I just don't like to it myself. I am a klutz so I'm afraid to lose it, etc. If you want to have a limited piece, go with the Panda. If you want to have a practical piece, go with regular cles.:idea: