Panda Key Holder

  1. I've been really wanting a panda key holder but not wanting to pay nearly double the price on ebay, so I called the 866 number and they have 3 left in the country (well 2 now). It's at my local Saks too. I'm so excited but probably won't be able to pick up until tomorrow. :yahoo:

    I'll post pics soon.
  2. Yay! Go Panda! :smile:
  3. i just got mine last week too! it sure is adorable
  4. I got mine about 2 weeks ago... be sure not to carry around a cup in one had and keys with the same hand!!! That's how I got water stains on mine!!! :crybaby:

  5. So sorry....I'll definitely remember that. Thanks!
  6. It looks cute on anything!
  7. Congrats.