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  1. Cute!
  2. What breed of dog is that adorable creature? So very cute!
  3. Is that for real? Or someone dyed the spots black? Don't laugh I've seen photos of dogs having 'dye jobs' done to them. If it is a real breed, I'd love to have one of those dogs - just so cute!
  4. I've seen that, too. I wonder if this one id real. Sure is cute.
  5. the dog is a chow chow and the owner dyed it black and white so it looks like a panda :smile: i saw an interview with the owner on tv.
  6. That's so adorable!
  7. AWWWWW!!!!!!:love:
  8. It looks sooo cuddly!!!
  9. Love Chow Chow.......although they are quite strong dogs.
  10. That is so cute!
  11. OMG Adorable.
  12. That is adorable! What a creative dye job!
  13. aw, so cute!!!
  14. I have two chows!!! awww...I can just remember when they were fluffly and they're 9 and 12
  15. Oh, I've thought it's a chow chow too. So cute... I've always thought that chow chow looks like a baby teddy bear when they are puppies, then a baby lion when they grow up. Now they can look like panda too..! :lol:
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