Panda Collection

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  1. Does anyone know what all the pieces that came out in the Panda collection contained? Pics please! Thanks everyone!
  2. From my knowledge:
    Billfold with Coin Pocket
    Hair Pin/Brooch
    Porte-Monnaie Rond
    Porte-Monnaie Zippe

    90_12.jpg 4f_1.jpg 22_1.jpg f8_1.jpg 59_12_sb.jpg 06_1_b.jpg 6e_1.jpg 16088096_tp.jpg 93_1.jpg
  3. here is my cc billfold. i love all the panda items. too cute:tender:

    are you thinking about getting something from the panda line?
    IMG_1337.JPG IMG_1340.JPG
  4. I have the pochette and the cles..I WISH I had the Vavin. :smile:
    And I'm interested, too...were you wanting something from the line?
  5. Apparently I've sparked some intrigue in everyone. Actually....I'm thinking about getting something for my best friend cause she LOVES the panda and I'm thinking of getting the pochette or something cause I like to collect a piece of everything that Takashi Murakami has done. He has the most AMAZING art pieces, but it's more bearable for my budget to collect something of his from Louis Vuitton....well not really, I just want to buy something from Louis, haha....
  6. I really really want a Panda Billfold now... :sad:
  7. Pity they never made a key cles...
  8. They did! Here it is! :yahoo:

  9. I didn't know LV produced the Panda trotteur!!!
  10. I have the pochette....really want the cles and round key holder (the round key holder is on ebay right now over $700...yikes!)
  11. I love the panda collection, and if I ever find myself with a ridicilous large amount of money, I'll get the vavin and pochette - I love them.
  12. I LOVE trotteur!!!:love:
  13. What is the round key holder?
  14. oh it came when I wasn´t such an Lv fan so now I´m dying for a cles... maybe the groom one will be the substitute, unfortunately is not as cute as te panda...
  15. i'm also a big fans of takashi murakami's art. i loved him before he joined LV, and honestly, i think his art in LV's is more affordable than his printed art.
    I LOVE HIM!!! he's like the asian of andy warhol!

    here's some pics i got from ebay
    10508362-L.jpg 10508363-L.jpg