panda cles!

  1. If someone out here is still looking for one, i saw one two days ago at Fashion Valley in California :].. not sure if right place to post, but just wanted to let you all know! panda cles is out here! :yes:
  2. thanks..I am sure someone will be so happy..

    Wow you are in SD too?
  3. yes! i am in SD :yes:
  4. Yup, it's still there actually hehe. I saw it yesterday and was really surprised :smile:
  5. Attention people... The Houston Galleria has a Panda Cles and a Panda Pochette, both in mint condition!!!! The direct number there is 1-713-960-9743. I hope someone from here snatches them up!!! :biggrin:
  6. I have been to 3 different LV stores in the Bay Area all who have the Panda Cles. I snatched one right up when the SF store reopened. About a month ago I saw it on and called the 866 number to order one, but they only had one left in the whole Country at a Nieman Marcus in New Jersey or something. When I saw my SA she said that they have some left over (including pochette) that are being sent here from overseas. :yahoo:
  7. Yep I was at Valley Fair on Sunday and saw two.
  8. Praytell,
    How much are they?

  9. Panda Cles' are $150.
  10. 150$??? that is cheap
  11. Palm Beach Gardens LV store has the Panda too. I saw it there last weekend. I grabbed one too. Its so cute
  12. I saw them in my store too. According to one of the SAs, it's a re-release and not leftover stock from other stores/countries?! Anyone can confirm this? Will they then be re-releasing the other items from this line?:confused1: TIA
  13. Ahhh...I wish I could get one shipped to a Canadian store.
  14. wow! i wonder if it is a re-release...hmph! interesting...this and the mini mono! heheh...:smile:

  15. ooh! I hope that SA is right! I want this one wallet from the panda line...not the billfold one...and the scarf!