Panda Cles

  1. If anyone wants one they have a BUNCH at SCP!!! Also I wanted to ask for opinions, what do you lovely peeps think of a straight guy having one? :shame:
  2. I think it's hot-for everyone and anyone!
  3. OMG! What's SCP? And how much does it retail for?
  4. South Coast Plaza. I bought mine last year for $150.
  5. ok...I do not have the money for this...but I really really want it! lol
  6. I agree with Michelle! It works for everyone :smile:
  7. It's great for anyone, totally unisex
  8. hehehe, i saw a couple of Pandas tonight - almost got one but i had SELF CONTROL - which is a good thing!
  9. I just wonder 'the odd' :confused1:, how come that Panda collection only available at Japan only. Now there are some left Panda keyring to be distribute other the rest world?????? :shrugs:

    :tender: I hope that they do still have Vavin or pochette to be distribute to Australia. I can't wait to add Panda Collection in my wardrobe!!
  10. The Vavin was pretty hard to get and pretty rare(?), I don't think Australia got any. eBay is your best chance to get your hands on one :graucho: , but the price is crazy :/
  11. yeah I know that, I hate eBay too big profit for seller

    actually two years ago I bought Panda hair pins, I love it and don't want to wear it on my hair too precious for me :love:

    then... I saw here forum about Panda cles selling in Australia despite I am always getting behind the latest news, next day quick visit local boutique then bought Panda Keyring, I am so relieved that.

    I hopefully there might be some Panda bag selling here same as Panda keyring story :smile:
  12. I want the panda cles so bad... still trying to decide, but I'll probably end up getting it sometime next week!
  13. What and where is South Coast Plaza please?

    also I think it would look good on any guy.
  14. I thought I saw the panda cles on the French Louis Vuitton webbie Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer tho it does seem like it's out of stock at the moment on eshopping...and it's only 100 euros!

    and oh yeah, it'd look totally good on a str8 guy...
  15. Can someone post a pic?
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