Panda Cles

  1. How much does it retail for?

  2. I think it was around $150 when I got mine from eluxury when it first came out.
  3. Very few stores still carry the panda keychain
  4. Thanks!
  5. yup. It's 150. I paid 157 with tax.
  6. I asked my SA for one yesturday or if he could order me one and he said that they are sold out nearly everywhere.
  7. I believe the Bal Harbor store in Florida still has one available. Give them a call. I was told there are only 12 left in the country and then they are gone for good. if you have trouble locating it let me know and i can hook you up if you decide to purchase it!!
  8. When I got my first one it was $140 (still have elux screenshot.. )
  9. i called the 866 VUITTON number and that's how i got mine,try calling them. they found one, and sent it to my house..i :heart: it!! :love:
  10. if you call 866 vuitton..and they locate one..will they charge you the retail price? even if they're discontinued items?
  11. I got mines about 2 weeks ago calling the 1-866 number for $150. Here she is attached to my PH

  12. I stopped by LV today and ordered my Panda Cles!! There aren't any left in CA, but there are some in Texas, and some of the east coast states. Mine is being sent from a store in New Jersey! I'm so excited. I should get it by next Friday!
  13. Congrats-you'll love it!