Panda Cles

  1. Hello everone, advice needed!!

    I am currently in the process of hunting down a Panda Cles for my friend's 18th :party: (she has been wanting one for ages and I said i would get one! lol - hope im able to!!).

    Anyway, to the matter in hand, i was wondering if you can get them heatstamped as they are vachetta, just wanted to add that little extra personal touch as its a special Bday. Or would it show through and ruin the keyring?

    Help most definitely appreciated!!
  2. Some people have said that they've heatstamped the back of their Panda Cles, and it's shown through..

    However, I've seen others who have done it and nothing's gone through at all!

    You might want to stick with the regular heatstamping (without any colors) and that might be the safest.
  3. If you need help finding one I called 866-VUITTON and they found one for me at a Saks in Ohio :yes: Hope you get one! :love: