Panda Cles! thanks to you gals!

  1. Bought my panda cles 2 hrs ago from the store! Now I feel a little more complete!:biggrin:

    It's still available in Singapore, in at least 2 boutiques, we have 4 boutiques here. Retails for SGD255.

    Thank you all for introducing me to the Panda Cles, cheers! :heart:
  2. woohoo! glad you were able to pick one up before they are all sold out worldwide
  3. Congrats and post a pic. I would love to have one.
  4. Congrats .. I want one too .. I wonder if LV will send one over here to Aus???:cry:
  5. Wow congrats!:biggrin: And so much cheaper than Aus:sad: (might ask my sis to get one for me quick since she live in S'pore!:graucho: )
  6. Congrats! I love the Panda cles, they are so cute!

    hee hee, i can sense your glee :P
  8. FABULOUS!!! Congrats!!!
  9. Congrats! (Picture, please?)
  10. thanks gals! :yes:

    shall take a pic of the panda dangling from my BV tonight, and then figure a way to post the pic here!
  11. thats awesome, Cant wait to see pic's.

    Who will I get one here in canada? pouts I want one now!!!
  12. Congrats! I'm glad you were able to get one!
  13. Congrats !
  14. congrats. i am also glad u were able to get one.
  15. Oh you are so lucky! COngrat! I am callign to order one now...I can't take it anymore!
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