Panda Cles Qestion ...

  1. Somebody told me that Panda cles comes in naked vachetta so you can color it yourself to make it "your own".:shame: Has anyone else heard that?
  2. What??? Elaborate? What do we have?
  3. oooh! cute idea but i would never color mine!
  4. I agree, it's cute, but I'm terrible at coloring :shame:
  5. You have to color the naked panda, that's the best way I can describe it!:lol:
  6. interesting. i never heard that, but i have heard my nieces exclaiming, "it's like a color by numbers uncle jimmy! can i color it?" i nearly killed her if she wasn't family. LOL.
  7. I have never heard we have to buy the coloring from LV as well??

    I will never try to do
  8. Oo. If I got my hands on one then I'd color it.
  9. I am so bad at coloring things, I would so scard to color the panda cles.
  10. Ew I've never heard of that. They also have that one with the LV square logo on it (like the Plaque Inventeur (sp?)) that's just vachetta. I've never heard of anyone actually recommending that you color it in. *shrugs*
  11. Yes, I saw that!!!:love:
  12. The other naked vachetta keychain saying something like those that carry LV wallets are fortunate is cute but looks nicer in the tan leather.

    But yeah, that's weird, wouldn't the patina eventually discolour any sort of colouration anyways ? I've never heard of anyone colouring in their pandas (but it'd be really cute if it was all colourful like how it is on the other pieces).
  13. If ONE was to color it, what kind of tools would you use?

    Never heard of that! they should have made a naked one and a colored one!
  14. Ya so we can choose!
  15. omg lol, this is really funny... Last yr when I went to the LV store, the SA offered me the panda cles cuz it was the only LE item left in the store and I really wanted one of them. When I first saw it...I was like
    "Isn't it supposed to be colored?"
    SA: "No, it came like that"
    Me: "Can I color it?!??!!?" (half joking)
    SA: :shocked::weird::noggin:

    Clearly she thought I was crazy lol, so I didn't dare get it lol