Panda Cles meets Mr. Clean!!!!

  1. So I finally had time to take Nick the Panda Cles a sponge bath with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser... :p The results were GREAT!!!!! I highly recommend using this on dirty vachetta!

    Before [Full frontal]:

    Before [Left ear]:

    After [Left ear]:
  2. Awesome, John!! Nick thanks you. :p
  3. Before [Front right ear]:

    After [Front right ear]:

    Before [Behind right ear]:

    After [Behind right ear]:
  4. Impressive!! Especially those ear close-ups! I totally need to get me one of those Mr. Clean erasers.
  5. Thanks for the tip! I'll try this on my Keepall.
  6. The Mr. Clean erasers work great-once my pink sheets turned my wall pink so I used it on my wall and it came right off!
  7. wow! mr panda had a nice, good rub.
  8. Wow! That's an impressive difference...! :nuts: I shall keep it in mind should I ever deviate from my damier to something with vachetta! :tup:
  9. It looks surprisingly great!! Do you think this would work on printed vachetta? (Square Groom Vachetta Key holder with blue cartoon printing)...
  10. Wow. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I certainly am amazed. Great work!
  11. Ymv13: Yes, that is the product. :tup:

    Travelbliss: Hmmm.... I think it might work, however I fear that it might lift off some of the blue coloring on the cartoon and letters? :sweatdrop:
  12. John, I'm so glad the magic eraser worked for you!!
    Those are amazing results!
  13. Wow, John, what a difference! I had my BAGGY GM out with me this morning and it RAINED! I've used the bag everyday for the past 3 months or so, and the vachetta is definitely patina-ing, but now there are some water spots on the shoulder strap. Would you recommend the Mr. Clean eraser on the strap?

    BTW, I like the new pic of you. Very rocker, IMHO.
  14. Wow! I am so getting a magic eraser!