Panda Cles from LV store, and Inclus. Speedy Keyring!!!

  1. Hey all!!
    I got a *new* Panda Cles from a LV store!!!:yahoo:I kept seeing everyone's lil pandas...and thought..("..there must be a Panda Cles somewhere???"). I called my local LV and they located one for me. I just got it today! It was shipped to me from there Palm Beach, FL store. I don't know if they have anymore or not.

    I was going to wait on the Inclusion Speedy Keychain for Xmas, but since learned it is limited, and is going to be discontinued soon so I ordered it from Elux.

    I still can't believe I was able to get a lil Panda! He's soooooo
    cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess it was "fate". LOL!

    Here are some pics of a few of my bags w/ both pieces.
    (btw, the Damier is the bag I'm currently using, with the Inclus. key ring attached).




  2. Congrats! The panda cles is so cute and looks great with your bags.
  3. SOOOO cute!!!!! You're so lucky you were able to get the Panda cles!!!!! Looks adorable on your bag!
  4. Very cute:heart: I saw the speedy key ring in black today and it is lovely. I adore the panda:yahoo:
  5. Congrats, I love how the panda looks on your fuschia baggy !
  6. Wow! How much was the panda cles with tax?!
  7. So cute!! I love them both! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! The Panda is so cute, and I love the inclusion Speedy keyring also.
  9. It was $161.63 w/ tax.
  10. I second that !!!

    Congrats!!! Love to see how small accessory "lift" the look..
  11. Thanks everyone for all the kind replies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:

    LOL, now I don't know which "bag" to use "which piece" with. :rolleyes: I :heart: how the panda looks with my BH. Hmm...maybe that's a possibility for the wkend.

    ..But then again I just recently got my damier so...Maybe I'll go with that look for a few days. Who knows? It's a toss up now! LOL!:lol:
  12. Thanks bagsnbags, Ayla !!!!!!!!!!!:yes: ......Ya, I think the lil panda looks really cute on my baggy gm also! Ack!! No I'm thinking I should use my baggy ASAP. LOL!!

    bagsnbags: WOW, It really does (like you say...) "lift" the look!:graucho:
    I likey!!:P
  13. Can I add again I LOVE the panda:nuts: It looks great with all your bags:heart: I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda...I love the panda:roflmfao:
  14. OMG! LMAO!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:

    Btw, I love the panda.........I love the panda....I love the panda....I love the panda.....I love the panda.....I love the panda...I love the panda.....I love the panda....I love the panda TOO!!!!!!:lol:
  15. Beautiful bags but I absolutely love the panda! It's just too darn cute!