Panda clef

  1. Um do you guys know if they still sell the panda clef in stores?and if so for how much?

  2. You can call the hotline and they can locate one for you. There are still a couple around, about $150 US or $170 CAN.
  3. Most boutiques/counters are sold out of them. I'm not sure when they were discontinued, but the Holt Renfrew I go to was sold out months ago.
  4. I had to call the 866 Vuitton to get mine a while back. After calling 2 of the LV stores and being told they were sold out, I had luck with the phone number :yes:
  5. Yup, a member here, John, just got one from one of the stores about a week ago. I don't remember which though, you'd have to ask him
  6. Yeah. I called my store, they called the Tampa Saks boutique, which had 2 in stock.
  7. yeah you should call, they will locate one for you
  8. Call the store definitely. They should be able to find you one. There's some in Hawaii I think although you have to have gone and bought from Hawaii at least once before you can order from 'abroad' there. :jammin:
  9. Some SA's will tell you "The Panda Cles been discontinued and there are no more available..." But insist that you were told there were some available and if they could please check for you.
  10. Ya i know....I hate this other woman at the LV boutique near me....I was there 2 days ago to get on the wait list for Onatah Cuir and inquired about the clef just in case they ordered it again and it's roaming around somewhere in the store. She was like, "NONE LEFT!!!!" *effing B!TCHHHHHHHHHH*

    Actually she was the first SA who sold my first LV to me... and that was last year in August and she was pushing me to buy the panda clef, insisting that it was the LAST one left in the store (cuz I wanted the panda trotteur and she was like, NONE LEFT, BUY THIS!!!!)......'s so ironic that I want it so much
  11. This happend to me. I called the Hawaii store 2 times and was told in a very fast and rude way they were sold out! Then I called the Scottsdale store near me and was told the same thing, and they were rude too :crybaby: .
    Then I called the 866 #, got the *sweetest* cs girl on the phone and she found me one!
  12. I called 866 about a week ago and they said there were only 12 or so left in the US.