Panda baby born today at the Atlanta Zoo!

  1. I love pandas!

    Baby Giant Panda Born at Atlanta Zoo
    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    ATLANTA — After seven years of trying and hoping, Zoo Atlanta officials announced a rare giant panda birth Wednesday, one of only a few in the United States.

    Lun Lun, a 9-year-old giant panda, gave birth just before 5 p.m. after 35 hours of labor. It's the first panda cub born at the Atlanta zoo and is just the fifth giant panda born at a U.S. zoo in the last six years.

    The cub is hairless, weighs about 4 ounces and is the size of stick of butter. The gender will not be known for weeks.
  2. That's exciting news! I'm sure it's extremely difficult to breed in captivity for them. It's only as big as a stick of butter...that's so teeny for something that ends up so huge!