panda agenda available??

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  1. is this still available or just on ebay?? whats your opinion on this? Do you guys like it?? TIA
  2. Only on ebay. The little key chain and a few pouchettes just got shipped from Japan and are popping up at stores tho.
  3. I'm pretty sure twinkle.tink is right. Your best bet now is probably ebay.

    & I looove my panda stuff :smile:

  4. better yet theres one in the hollywood boutique! id say call the 866# and get it :devil: :devil: :devil:
  5. Venna! I didn't know you had a Panda agenda. It's adorable! :smile:
  6. I wonder how much the one in the hollywood boutique is, just outta curiosity... since I paid a fortune for mine... but haven't regretted one day of it....:smile:
  7. $305
  8. oh. I wish I hadn't asked that... ouch. thanks for the kick in the stomach latinmalemodel, then again, I asked. Okay, now I regret it...haha, just kidding.... feel like buying the Hollywood one just cause... but won't.

  9. Hehe, yes I do :yes: & e-mail me back!! I had orientation/my first day of work yesterday. I'm actually going in for training in a few hours too :P

    & in case anyone was still curious, I bought this agenda from the Valley Fair boutique back in May 2005 for $297.68 (USD). I already have two panda pochettes but when I saw the agenda I knew I had to buy it :supacool: I don't really use it because the wear scares me to death. Tiny sections on one of my pochettes have chipped off so I'm just going wait until I start working full-time to use it (after college).
  10. I only use mine on special occasions, including my pochette too, for the same reason... I LOVE my pandas!!!!