Panda Adore Morning Glories

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  1. They climbed all the way up just to smell them:nuts: :upsidedown: :upsidedown:
    2 Pandas in Bamboo.jpg 3 Pandas & Morning glories.jpg Cles & Morning Glory.jpg Pochette & Morning Glory.jpg
  2. Oh I love it!!! It's like an actual ad campaign! Gorgeous pieces!!!
  3. I'm having breakfast at Flying Star (wireless cafe) with Panda pochette and agenda, and while paying, I dropped my agenda, and this little girl around 4 came running over and grabbed it and picked it up for me while just oohhing and aahhing....and, hugged it... how fabulous is that.... not a breeder, but I LOVE kids....
  4. Lol, those photos are really cute!! :smile: Inquisitive Panda!
  5. LOL....your panda are cute!!!
  6. You take the cutest pictures
  7. Icechick every time you post I totally drool over that lavendar Spring Street, had to buy the pink cause I am so in love with yours... did you buy it new? Can you still get lavendar???, that bag is so boss...
  8. No, I didn't buy it new and lavender is discontinued :sad: I bought it from timeless_lv on ebay and the reason I bought it is because I drooled over Luccibags pics. I wonder if she knows she started a chainreaction :lol:
  9. Cute! I love the panda, I just think it's the most adorable thing ever. Great pics!
  10. Glad the pics make ya happy, icechick that lavendar Spring St. is the MOST fabulous thing, it looks brand spanking new, such excellent condition and the clois(what's the hanging thingy??), anyway, you made an excellent choice that is some serious eyecandy...
  11. that is soooo cute! sounds like something my little 3 yr girl old would do!! :girlsigh:
  12. Aww.... I bet it took FOREVER to take a good pic... tee hee he.
  13. That;s so cute!
  14. Cute.:yahoo:
  15. That is sooooo cute!