Pancakes in a can!

  1. OK so I always been so-so about pancakes. But ever since I've been pregnant... I loveeeeeee them. Anyway, I found this stuff at Henry's Market today. Anyone ever tried it? I am too full to make them tonite, but once I try it I will definately share how they tasted! Interested to see if anyone has tried it and their opinions on it? Organic Batter Blaster ™ - Original Pancake and Waffle Batter
  2. I have never ever heard of such a thing! I will be interested to see what others have to say, even though I dislike pancakes!
  3. I love a good pancake! Never tried that before, I wonder how they taste.
  4. I had to post this testimonial on the site for the pancakes. Too funny:

    "I had to write and give y'all a big HELL YES on this wonderful product. I discovered them on a kamikaze run through Meijer last night. I am no health nut but I am strict about organic foods for my family- consequently, the kids are deprived of things they long for such as cheese-in-a-can. I won't bore you with personal details about our traumatic dysfunctional hillbilly Thanksgiving- we've had worse- but last night I was tired and morally weak and Whole Foods was closed. Anyway- there was Batter Blaster- appearing in the refrigerator case like a vision from the Lord- I swear I heard trumpets- The kids have sprayed up a big ol' platter of pancakes this morning and pronounced them goo-ood. I am going back to Meier today to buy every damn can they have- and I intend to try and order a case- everybody on my list is getting Batter Blaster and organic maple syrup for Christmas. Screw that peanut brittle.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you."
    Sara P.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! oh my gosh thats sooo funny that this is posted on their site! :lol: "the kids are deprived of things they long for, such as cheese-in-a-can"
  6. ^^haha I didn't even see that.
  7. That review is hilarious. I don't know about can pancakes. But wouldn't an aerosol can make it not organic?
  8. That's interesting..I wonder how they taste. If they taste good, I'm trying some! Hehe sounds cool. :p
  9. I love this idea! I can't wait to try it...
  10. I tried a sample of this at Costco last week and it was really good! Tasted just like the pancakes that come out of a box.
  11. thats such an interesting product!! it might be a good solution to my pancake molds problem (see post in this forum) haha

    and by mold, I don't mean the spores, but something that helps you make shapes...
  12. what an idea! if i see it i will try it.
  13. That is a cool idea for a product.

    If it is not too expensive, I will try it because any $$$ I spend on my pancakes had better be "gourmet" quality.... like "Fowler's Mill" pancakes; the best!

    My DH is a pancake fanatic.
  14. These are great! :yes: My niece is 8 and loves to help in the kitchen. She gets to spray and I get to flip! The fact that they love to eat them is even better!:tup:
  15. interesting like to try em :smile: