Pancake Molds

  1. Does anyone know how to use pancake molds? I've been trying to make pancakes in cool shapes for my family but everytime I try, I just make a huge mess. I'm sure some tpfer knows how to use these things!!!
  2. Try spraying the inside of the mold with non-stick spray first. Lay it in the hot pan, pour your batter in. Don't pour in too much-- just so it's like 1/4" thick. When the bubbles on the surface of the pancake are all popping, carefully remove the mold and flip the pancake. It should work! HTH!

    It sounds like the pan's just not hot enough or you're flipping it too soon...
  3. I'll tell you what I did today. I turned on the griddle on med/high heat and let it heat up.. Then when it was hot, I reduced it to med heat. Then I sprayed the molds with PAM and put it on the griddle to heat up. I then poured the batter into the molds. When I waited for the bubbles to come, the pancake was reallllly dark and wouldn't come out of the mold (so I just flipped it in the mold).
    When I didn't wait for the bubbles, the pancake was less dark, but still wouldn't come out of the mold.
    The molds should be of good quality since I got them from Crate&Barrel and they are supposed to be non-stick.
    Thanks for the tips though, I guess I'll keep trying to play with the heat
  4. spray the molds first, wait for the bubbles, then take a butter knife and separate the sides from the molds, then remove them, then flip the pancake
  5. I never had luck with mine, made a huge mess each time I used it. I finally gave up.
  6. im gonna try using a butterknife to loosen it next time!
  7. what i do and i find it REALLY easy is that i make the pancakes like normal then i use cookie cutters and cut the shapes i want AFTER i've already cooked them and taken them off the griddle... and i serve the cute shaped ones to my BF and i eat the scraps!! lol ;)
  8. Are you using too much batter??? Like Claire stated I would only put a slight amount (no more than 1/4 inch high) of batter in the mold.
  9. I used to do that when Lil Max was young. :tup: I also used the cookie cutters for sandwiches.
  10. Oooh that is such a cute idea!!!!! I'll have to try that also :yes:
  11. I'm gonna try again on Saturday... wish me luck friends! haha
  12. I always err on the side of cooking pancakes at a lower heat. You just need to heat it to the point that a droplet of water sizzles.