Panarea issues

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  1. I purchased this panarea a year ago and I had to have the handles replaced once already because the leather was cracking. I took it out recently to pack for a trip and noticed this small piece of leather coming off again. I realize it's super small but since I have already had them replaced once in less than a year and I have only used it a handful of times I'm really concerned about its quality and it holding up long term. And if I don't do something now will they tell me too bad in a years time? I honestly only use it about 6 times a year for travel. What would you fellow TPf'ers advise?

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  2. Probably DIOR will regard this as wear and tear. It could be the handle got caught into something,is what I assumed they would say.
  3. Thanks Smudleybear, I will see what they say. I know it's not bad at all now I just worry about it getting worse especially since they had to replace the handles once already!
  4. Unless it's LV's natural hide, any coloured leather will peel with wear and tear. It's because the finish on top is unnatural and doesn't flex the same way as the hide beneath.

    Dior continues to service discontinued bags, so they should be able to fix this for you if it gets worse. If not, then you can take it to a cobbler and they can fix it for you too.
  5. Thanks so much for the info AJ! Glad to hear that Dior should continue to service this if it gets much worse. Definitely a reason to stick with Dior!