1. I made the mistake of ordering one of their thermals through Amazon. They are fake thermals, and the seller is nuts (you would not believe some of the charming emails I got).
  2. I just purchased a Juicy track set, and it is also FAKE. I am in the process of returning it.
  3. ughh. i just ordered a juicy track suit through panamoda at Amazon...guess ill be returning that :censor:
  4. The sellers are scam artists. I removed the tags right after I received my track suit because I was so excited about wearing it, then noticed the zippers, drawstring, even the inseam length was wrong.

    They wouldn't take it back (because I had cut the tags), adding that they purchase wholesale from and have invoices to prove it. I called shopbop, who denied this and would do their own investigation.

    I notified panamoda of this, and they said that they have no need to show invoices nor reveal any further information with me and said to write their lawyer. The lawyer doesn't even exist... and now they will not return any messages.

    At least my CC is refunded. What a hassle. I also notified amazon of this, and they did remove panamoda from selling the juicy suits. However, still is in full force. Avoid at all costs!!