Pampelonne GM?

  1. Does anyone own this bag? If so, how much is it? Is it practical? I'm thinking about getting pics if you can!!
  2. I have the PM version, origionally listed for the GM but it was waaaaaaaaaaay to huge. The PM is massive as well & tink & I have both posted pics & info on the PM so if you do a search you will find plenty of info.

    Just as a warning, the PM weighs almost 5 pounds empty.
  3. I don't have it, but I think it's so cute!! :smile:
  4. oh taco can you take a pic modeling?! we would love to see!
  5. Wow it is really large! I didn't know it was that much larger than Alma. It's a beautiful bag though!!!
  6. oooh thanks! how much is it? would you dare use it in the fall/winter? I'm one for not caring about seasonal stuff but is this even available in stores anymore???
  7. Yep, even me, the big bag girl decided on the PM...The GM is HUGE!
  8. Wow, the GM would be huge!!!
  9. The GM is gigantic... like you could carry a small child in it.

    The PM is still massively huge. I'd only use it as a beach bag, and I like big bags.