Pamela Dowel Bag - Where's the LUV and Pics????

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  1. Okay gang -
    someone has to have this bag and can post pics & comments, etc.????

    I know that gingey said it reminded her of the hysterical "make a dress out of curtains" scene from the Carol Burnett Show ("a la Gone w/The Wind")!
    LOL - I absolutely remember this gut-busting episode!

    but there has to be some luv out there for this bag....???
  2. I love this bag, but not the colors it has been offered in. Someone posted pictures of it from a sample sale and looked great in her. Hopefully it is offered in other solid colors in spring line

  3. I'm almost positive they did the same thing on "I Love Lucy"...
  4. "Sound of Music" also?
  5. I thought I liked this bag.. now these visuals are just killing me!!!
    LOL... I can't get the Carol Burnett scene out of my head since Gingey originally posted...
  6. I must agree with this. I think I could like the bag but no more metallic for me.
  7. OK...I am probably going to make matters worse for you...did you watch "America's Top Model"..this past season..and see the dress that Tyra wore on this past season's finale...:graucho:
  8. No, thank God... now I suppose Dowel Bag may still have the slightest of chances....
    Tyra can really get her look all wrong ALOT.. no?
  9. said it about Ms. Tyra....and for the visual...think the Jetsons-Starwars version of the Carol Burnett dress...(ID remember the color..either metallic grey or metallic black I think and the hair that went with it....I keep searching for an image to post here of both..but so far no success..when I saw that bag just made it that much worse..I'm sorry HH...the leather is's that darn dowel...:shrugs:..

    Poor Pamela:crybaby:
  10. Now it just reminds me of a darn cafe curtain rod... is that what they call the rods used for french doors?
  11. It's funny I usually like bags like that but I can't get past the dowel rod. Maybe if I saw it in person. I actually like the Pewter and the shape.
  12. [​IMG]

    It's a comfy medium sized bag. I'm 5-1. Love the pewter...not at all blingy. It does have outside pockets, but doesn't zip at the top.
  13. THIS is the pic that piqued my interested in the Pamela!! it looks so wonderful on you!! I wonder if it will return for Spring in different colors?
  14. It's in a the spring collection with black leather framing the striped colorful fabric that they're using for a lot of the apparel.
  15. OK..mlinky...on you it looks good..but I'm sorry for some reason I still can't get past that darn dowel..and if H_F is right about the black band and striped fabric..before I look at it on the HH site...and see it first thought was.... .awning...ewwwww.