Pamela Anderson and Chanel

Aug 12, 2006
I browse Oh No They Didn't all the time and I came across this post from a few days ago. Pamela Anderson poses nude for Playboy and in one of the photos she's seen naked with a chanel purse on her shoulder. It's actually a cute little purse. Anyways, I thought you ladies would be interested to know/see.

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Thanks for the link!! I dont know what to say (about Pam posing with the purse) so it's best I keep my mouth zipped. Thanks so much for sharing though!

For the people who do not want to browse through a couple (there's actually quite a few!) of nude pics of Pamela, here's the link to the picture with the chanel purse. NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!
ewwww... i took a look and that poor chanel bag... i think it could hardly cover one boob!
thanks for letting me start my day off right, girls! :yucky: haha!