Pam @ Hyde Last Night

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    PANDERSON111306_1.jpg PANDERSON111306_2.jpg PANDERSON111306_3.jpg PANDERSON111306_4.jpg
  2. She looks like trash. Good for her. ..alright that was harsh...I really can't keep up with her boob jobs anymore either.
  3. I thought she'd given up on the boob jobs...?:wtf:
    She's not getting any younger...and it shows.
    Still, nice legs pammy...that's all!:smile:
  4. She wore that on Jimmy Kimmel and he was hilarious! She acted spaced out and totally weird IMO, kept pushing her hands through her hair. . . she's hard for me to watch, a lot like Farrah used to be. . . . like watching a car crash.
  5. lol!
  6. She's literally shining from head to toe. Yikes.
  7. Didn't she just have a miscarriage? Where is Kid Rock???

    But I agree -- that dress is awful and she needs to put the twins away. Or least get a reduction.
  8. This is getting to be a bit much as she gets older...
  9. OMG the boobs!!! Love the bag though.
  10. She has a hot body WE ALL KNOW. She is just dressed way over the top. She is looking like a low priced call girl. She is pushing 40 she could dress sexy with out looking skanky!
  11. I have one word that sums up Pam Anderson: YUCK!!!
  12. Well, she does have great legs. And um....I really like the bag. :shrugs: :shrugs: I would normally absolutely pick on somone (LOL) but after a miscarriage I am going to give her a little time.
  13. yikes:wtf: those were some scary pics there
  14. Pretty legs! WOW! I like her! Always have.
  15. I like shoes and her BAG!!!!:happydance: :choochoo: Wawa Wee Wa! But her dress is BLAH, trashy. It would look great if she wore nice bants or jeans and a sweet top. She also looks really drunk!:weird: