Pam, Has A New Man, & He Looks "Normal"

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  3. Pam was spotted arm in arm with a new fella in Santa Monica yesterday! Pam smiled and showed off her assets for the mystery guy as they said goodbye. Although they do look pretty cozy, he doesn't exactly seem like her type! Is she trying to settle down with a more stable guy or are they just friends?

  4. He looks like my neighbor.
  5. omg I was in Santa Monica yesterday alll dayy and didn't see no PAM! lol
  6. i love it when she dresses casually like that, sans tons o' makeup. she looks good. and they make a nice looking couple, whoever he may be.
  7. nice looking guy - i dig the salt-and-pepper hair look on guys that age, i find it very sophisticated looking. pammy will probably get bored with him unless he ends up being some sort of porn-star-in-dad-clothing, but who knows, maybe she's trying to be more mature?
  8. wonder who he is?
  9. Nice guy. Maybe she's finally found someone good for her. At least they look cute together.
  10. Wow, he looks really respectable.
  11. I agree
  12. I am sure he is know, a behind the scenes someone...she needs some peace in her life now.
  13. I approve.
  14. She actually looks decent.
  15. Great! I think 'normal' is good for her!