Pam & Denise in Trouble!!

  1. Photographers Sue Denise Richards, Pamela Anderson

    Two paparazzi sued Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards, claiming the actresses defamed them and Richards assaulted them during a laptop-throwing incident.

    Scott Cosman and Rik Fedyck claim in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed Friday they've been left with nightmares since the Nov. 9 incident at the River Rock Casino Resort in Vancouver during filming of Blonde and Blonder.

    Richards, the lawsuit claims, ""stormed up several flights of stairs to their balcony, launched into a 20-minute verbal tirade and physical assault, and called both men 'paparazzi scum.'"

    "She pushed and hit both Fedyck and Cosman, snatched their laptop computers from their hands, and threw them over the balcony with total disregard for ... other guests, including an elderly woman in a wheelchair who was struck by one of the falling computers," the lawsuit says.

    The complaint also says that the women made false accusations to police of harassment, stalking, assault, battery and trespassing and defamed them in public remarks.

    Reps for the actresses didn't immediately comment.

    Richards has admitted to hurling a computer that police say slightly injured an 80-year-old woman. At the time, Richards's rep lashed out at the photographers, and no charges were filed. Richards later called her actions a mistake and said she was wrong[/COLOR].

    Anderson said the set was plagued by rude paparazzi and defended Richards. Anderson wrote in her blog: "If it were me I would've thrown the photographers over the edge – they got lucky."
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  3. Their case is as solid as Pam's and Denise's marriages.:nuts:
  4. The laptop thing happened a couple of months ago, and they're just suing NOW?
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  6. Wow, she's really pretty...
  7. What man would admit to being left w/ nightmares after 2 women, one of which is famous for her boobs, yelled at them for 20 min. Lordy.
    Good luck w/ that suit.
  8. yeah yeah yeah... i don't understand the paparazzis...
  9. ooh my friend works at hte river rock casino and she caught like 3 mins of it on her cell phone...
    I saw it, it wasn't that bad honestly but ya it did cause alot of disturbance in the hotel so if anything, the hotel should sue not the paps...
  10. ^^interesting! did she say whether they looked super hot or fug IRL??
  11. oh brother!
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