Pam and kid rock

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  1. Pam Anderson & Kid Rock to Wed

    TUESDAY JULY 18, 2006 02:25PM EST

    Kid Rock and Anderson in 2003 Photo by: JEN LOWERY / LFI[​IMG]
    Pamela Anderson and her beau, Kid Rock, are getting married, a source close to the Baywatch star confirms to PEOPLE.

    "I'm finally getting's been a whirlwind...spontaneous but well thought through," says the actress on her Web site.

    Though she does not name Kid Rock in the note, which was posted Tuesday, the source tells PEOPLE that the couple plan to tie the knot on July 29, on a yacht near Saint-Tropez, where they recently celebrated Anderson's 39th birthday.

    "I've raised my kids alone in hope of a miracle," Anderson writes. "Well my miracle came and went. And came back and came back because he knew that I'd wake up one day and realize that I was waiting for nothing. I'm moving on ... I feel like I'm finally free ... I'm in love. I'm happy."

    Anderson was previously married to drummer Tommy Lee, with whom she has two sons, Dylan, 8, and Brandon, 10.
  2. Good for them! I LOVE them together. I hope it works out!
  3. [​IMG] Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are Getting Married
  4. I wonder if she's pregnant??
  5. Hmm interesting thought.
  6. I didn't even know they got back together!
  7. Neither did I...last time I heard her linked with someone was with Kanye West while taping his video.
  8. ^ Kanye West? Thats an interesting match up!

    Well I hope this is what they really want and make each other happy.
  9. I hope she's happy.
  10. Man, I hope they are happy!
  11. I wish them all the best!
  12. Well it was just a rumor, I don't know if they were together actually.
  13. I liked them together, they were such an odd pair LOL! didn't know they were back together tho lol...