Paloma Picasso Sugar Stack Ring OR Elsa Peretti CBTY

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  1. #1 Mar 31, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
    Hi everyone!

    I've been looking for a piece to buy from T&CO for a while now since I have about $130 in merchandise credit.

    And I think I finally found two pieces that I really like.

    1) Paloma Picasso's Sugar Stack Ring
    I have purchased this in the yellow Quartz (originally in the blue topaz but blue is my mother's color so I wanted something different). Its a pretty ring but...
    The yellow quartz melts with my skin, making it look clear from time to time.
    And most importantly it's about $800 when you include tax, I know it's gold and all but for its price point I'm not all impressed.

    So...that's when I came across the CBTY ring in pink sapphire.
    I love the pop of color in the pink and the price is $200 (not including tax). The SA I saw when I was looking at the CBTY isn't a fan of it so she didn't give me a good impression of it. But I do like its dainty look and of course the pop of color. I am worried about the thin chain and if it's okay for everyday use- so if people want to comment on that, that would be great!!!!

    So I'm trying to decide between the two, if anyone has either and could tell me their personal experience with it that would be great!!!
  2. I prefer the sugar stacks one but if it doesn't work for your skin tone, then maybe choose a different stone and metal color.
  3. Thanks!

    What I original wanted was the sugar stack in gold with citrine- but yellow Quartz is the closest they have.

    I do also like it in the silver with the amazonite- that's about 325 but it does look better in gold 😁
  4. Since you like citrine, how about the Picasso olive ring in citrine?
  5. The only problem with that is the stone is pretty large. I want an everyday piece thats a "statement piece" but not that big of a statement piece.

    Also the citrine I like more is the one from their Tiffany Sparklers collection-sadly although I like the color its 1)out of my price range 2)not an everyday piece
  6. I would say go for the sugar stack ring! Later on down the road you could get another sugar stack to layer it with which would change up the look. I love how the sugar stack rings look layered!

    Personally I'm not a fan of cbty ring. I find it too dainty but try them both on and see what would go better with your wardrobe and personal style.