Paloma Picasso Handbags - are they still sold

  1. I remember these bags from many years ago, is she still designing I wonder
  2. I have no clue but I used to have one that I loved!!!!!! I almost forgot about that brand! LOL
  3. oooh. Never heard of these...but I'm interested. Do you have any pictures???
  4. I still have one I got as a gift from my mom like 20 years ago. I should resurrect it!
  5. I will pull out my bags and take pics.
    I think I have 2 or 3.
    Will post tomorrow, I'm just on my way out the door.
  6. I had the black leather shoulder bag with the gold "X" on the top middle! I don't have it anymore- I don't even know what happened to it! I also used to have a huge Paloma Picasso keychain too! LOL
  7. ^^^That's what mine looked like but it was black! I wonder what it sold for!
  8. I Have Quite A Few. All Of Mine Came From Saks. They Were All Bought Around The Mid-90's. She Must Still Design For Tiffany. I Wonder About The Bags.

    One Thing ~ I Would Always See Older Pieces With The Gold Hardware ("X") With A Lot Of Wear........& I Never Had That Happen To Mine.

  9. Ah-yes! I thought the name sounded familar but I couldnt pinpoint it. Thanks bagluv!
  10. I used to have the black shoulder bag with the "X" on it, too. I loved that bag!

    I was in Foley's (in Texas) one day back in the early 80's and it was the day they were launching Paloma Picasso perfume. Man, I LOVED that scent!!! I bought it and then my mom sniffed it on me and bought it. To this day, we both wear it!
  11. Hi, I finally group the Paloma's together.

    Here we have brown suade, envelope black purse, and small blue:
  12. I was about to buy one off of an antique bags site.
    Love her tiffany jewelry though.
  13. :confused1:I just found a Paloma Picasso bag today and was wondering if anyone is familiar with this bag. It is a tan leather shoulder tote.
  14. I would love to know more about these purses and when they were made. About two years ago (maybe more like three) I bought two of them on was
    ivory leather and the other brown suede. They are identical in size and style like
    maybe 11" tall by 10" wide, very roomy, and like brand new then AND NOW. They
    are wonderful handbags. Two nights ago I bought a black one, very similar but not
    identical. It is being sold as "new" condition. The styling is so classic, and the quality
    is right up there with Ferragamo and Bottega Venetta. I have a Bottega my husband
    gave me when I went to law school thirty years ago. It looks like new. So do my
    Ferragamos, and none of them are "young". I used to buy a lot of Dooneys but wound up giving most of them away because of a bad shoulder. They were so heavy.