Palo Alto NM - has the Hermes concession closed?

  1. In a previous thread asking about which NM stores have Hermes, someone mentioned the Palo Alto one was closing after Xmas. Does anyone know if it's still open? It's my local store, and I'm having a strong urge to procrastinate (should be doing some work this afternoon that I just couldn't get myself to do on Friday.) However, I'm lounging around in sweats with unwashed hair at the moment, and I don't want to pull myself together to go over there if it's closed (what can I say, I'm pregnant and lazy...) Thanks for any help.
  2. [size=-1](650) 329-3300[/size]
    I miss that store!
    You're pregnant get a goody for yourself :smile:
    A little concealer and some lipstick and a great hat and you are ready!
  3. I was there a few days ago and it was still open, but do call them.
  4. Thanks. It is still open. Headed over there now. Hopefully with the gloomy weather, the mall will be empty.
  5. just visited NM at Palo Alto yesterday and H was still there
  6. Yep, I went the day I posted and bought a scarf. I asked about it, and they said it's supposed to close down this month. They will still carry scarves, but the actual little H section will be gone, just the scarf counter to remain. They had quite a lot of bracelets and a few garden party bags, if people are interested.
  7. yes i noticed they still had a lot of garden bags left too. wonder if they will put them onsale......*me being very hopefull......*
  8. I doubt it. I remember in the other thread where I saw that they were closing it down that they're going to ship everything to a DC store (I assume it's the Chevy Chase one...)
  9. blah....... oh well a girl can always dream