Palmer's Lotions: Cocoa/Olive/Shea Butter

  1. Has anyone tried all 3?
    Which is best & why?
    Thanks...I'm a huge Palmer's fan!
  2. The only one I have tried and currently use is the cocoa butter with vitamin E. Helps fade dark spots on skin, such as after a blemish and it helps any dry skin that I get in the winter.
  3. I've been using the cocoa butter for years and years. It is so cheap and keeps my skin incredibly soft. I can only use the Palmer's though. I tried some cheaper brand one time, and it was awful!

    When I was in college, I had a male friend who used to just walk into my room, sniff me, and leave because he loved cocoa butter's smell so much. :lol: Of course, if it was truly a miracle product, he wouldn't have left after sniffing me! ;);)
  4. I've only used Palmer's Cocoa Butter, but I love it! My skin gets really dry sometimes, and this is a life saver!
  5. I used the Palmers cocoa butter lotion a few times and really liked it. Reminds me, I should pick up some more. It's supposed to be great for stretch marks and ashy skin. I tried using some on my daughters legs (she's 10) but she hated the smell. I love the smell though.
  6. I absolutely love the smell too!
    So light & sweet!
    My FI loves it too :smile:
  7. my good friend swears by their cocoa butter, especially since she just had a baby in september and after using it throughout her pregnancy, her stretch marks are practically non-existent!
  8. Cocoa Butter...definitely. I tried the Shea Butter line, and it wasn't as rich. And it doesn't work for scars (had a few burn ones).
    LoreBunde, there's a scentless line in the Palmer's Cocoa Butter range...the lavender-colored label, I believe. My husband uses it, because he loves the richness of the lotion (no ashiness) but hates the smell.
  9. I like the Shea butter...make smy skin baby soft!
  10. i have used palmers coco butter throughout my life- prob. explains why my skin is soo smooth!
  11. I've been using the olive one lately, and I do like it. I still prefer the Cocoa one the best!
  12. i have used the cocoa butter. smells pretty good
  13. I've Been hooked on the whole cocoa line for years. Anything cocoa....butter, lotion, etc is absolutely incredible. Have never found anything that compares in scent, effect or feel.
  14. Seems like I should load up on the Cocoa butter version then! Right now my drug store has it on sale, so I will get a few bottles!
  15. I just bought the Olive Oil one two days ago. I LOVE it!!!! I think it makes my skin silkier than the cocoa butter one.