Palmero in Damier?

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  1. I've been out of the LV loop for a while, could someone please tell me if the Palmero has been or is available in Damier. Thought I saw one on the street today and got that old LV urge....
  2. It was available as SO for a while - around the time of the SO azur trevi & ebene galliera. I don't think that it is still offerred.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, Haven. It will now go into the little pocket of my mind that the mirage noir speedy and the blue epi wish bracelet are. Ah, regrets.....
  4. I have also read some speculation that there will be a azur "palermo-like" bag released in Spring 2011. I have not seen a pic, however, of the rumored larger azur bag that is supposed to resemble the palermo pm.
  5. Well hello stranger! I hope Palermo will be made in Damier sometime.
  6. ^^If either of you want one I would call 800 number or ask Sa to do a search some were made for SO they are about 30% more then the regular Palermo.
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