Palm vs. Coach agenda (and what all came in the crimson stripe??)


Apr 23, 2006
Does anybody else use both? I couldn't live without my Palm! I use it for my calendar, addresses and e-books.

I am in love with the crimson stripe signature agenda!!! I keep looking at them on ebay and would love to get one one day. Do you use it for anything other than an address book/calendar??

I've decided I need all things in the crimson stripe! :drool:

These are what I'm aware of - am I missing anything?
Beauty case (got it)
Wristlet (got it)
Umbrella (have the orange - want the red)
Reversible tote

Was there a wallet? A video iPod case? Mini Skinny Mini?

Was there ever a red or crimson leather skinny??



Apr 23, 2006
Thanks for the replies!

Thinking harder on this... I really DO prefer paper... I print out my calendars for each month and go by that vs. EVER looking on the palm itself because that's too hard. :P Really don't look my addresses all that much and when I do -- I have them all printed out on a piece of paper in my wallet! As far as the e-books go, I don't read those as often anymore either... I used to read them more when I was waiting for my daughter to finish her activities but now that she has a student license, I don't have to wait anymore. :tup:

So... maybe I really AM an agenda person after all!!! :nuts:

I wonder if I can print out my calendars in agenda-sized format and then punch holes to put them in the agenda? Or maybe they sell 8.5x11 sized papers already punched?

Ok - I'm excited now! Off to google agenda-sized paper!


May 5, 2006
I am a palm girl and have been for about 10 years. I recently upgraded to a Treo so now this little dude is my lifeline. I use my palm for my calendar, contacts, tasks and sync to my work PC. More importantly, though, I have a gazillion third-party applications on it and use it to sync with Quicken (I don't even have a check register anymore - it all goes on my palm); I use it as my mp3 player to listen to music and audiobooks; I can browse the web and get maps and directions to anywhere with Google Maps; I have complete/reusable shopping lists; a Weight Watchers point journal/calculator; a bill tracker; and I have the full NIV bible on it. I seriously would DIE without my palm. I also have a lot of fun games to play to pass time when needed. Yes, I am a techno-geek. :P

What palm do you have? If you have a TE or a TX you could probably rig up a pretty snazzy case using an agenda. Plus, there are a few older Coach PDA cases that show up on eBay every now and again that you could easily use with velcro. I've been considering this Coach signature case for my Treo, but I think I am going to just stick with a wristlet for now. :yes:


not quite an addict!
Mar 6, 2007
I have an old iPAQ from 4 years ago that I used to use. I just found that I would forget about it and when I went to use it, it was dead. I wasn't really too fond of the calendar on it anyway. I am pretty much addicted to Outlook and Google Calendar. I had my whole life in Outlook on my work computer, but now that I'm outta there, I bought myself a $7 agenda (rather cute too). I couldn't see spending $150 + on a Coach agenda. For that I would rather buy myself a Motorola Q and have email and the internet as well. (still may do that, just have to convince myself the extra $40 a month is worth it!)