1. So I just deiced to upgrade my cell, I bought the palm treo 650. Not totally sure if i'll use use it as my palm /phone or if i'll just use it as my palm. In any event... I need a case or something so it doesnt get marked up....

    What do you use ?
  2. I've had mine for almost 2 years and all I have is the included screen protector. I've dropped it twice and that's the only time I've gotten scratches on it. It's rather durable, but if you'll keep it in your purse, I'd imagine other items might scratch it as they're being shuffled about in there. Try they have links to plenty of stores with skins and cases. Also, their forums do pretty comprehensive reviews on them too.
  3. thanks, i'll check that out.
  4. I purchased this rubberized, snap case for my Treo 700p. They come in all sorts of colors. I used to have a case for it, but got tired of pulling it in and out of it. I also like the flip screen protector.
  5. I bought a bunch of decals for my Treo 650...I change the colors about once a month. The decals are sturdy and they make the phone look great, but be forewarned: they can totally peel off the original paint. That's what happened to MY Treo and now I'm forced to cover it in decals (at least the front, anyway), but I don't mind because it looks better to me.

    I also put a screen protector on it. WriteRight, I think.

    And it's in a hard plastic case with a flip-up screen cover, so that I can just lift up the screen cover and use the stylus on the screen. The case is clear and it has a swivel clip on the back.

    I have one 2 GB SD card in the phone. I've found that so far that's all I need, although I may get a 4GB one eventually.

    I have an earbud that I use for the phone, because when I hold it to my face I get makeup on the screen too easily.
  6. ^^ like you that is my issue, getting makeup on the phone.
    I think an earbud comes with it, it should be here tuesday :smile: so we'll see then.
  7. I actually got a Coach wristlet to carry mine. The Legacy wristlet has a striped satin lining, a turnlock closure (so the zipper doesn't scratch the phone) and a small pocket on the front for credit cards, license, and other stuff you might want to carry but might not want to be rubbing against your phone. Mine is a 750, but it's probably pretty close. Here is a pic:
  8. Well my phone arrived yesterday and today I've lost it to my b/f.
    He decided he loved this phone/palm after playing with it today that he now has it. So i'm back to my old phone and a separate PDA.
  9. Did he previously only carried a phone? If so, then he does not need the PDA function of the Treo, which sounds like you do. You should get it back!!!
  10. ^^ yes, I did buy a pda off eBay for him so that i could (with luck get him organized) of course when the treo arrived he was all about it.

    So I guess i get the pda and phone. I'm going to try and work my pda with my lv agenda like this... so how it goes.... ARGH MEN!!!

    whats so funny is he was never about gadgets now he's all about it... :wtf: what have I done?
    IMG_0202.jpg IMG_0208.jpg
  11. I have the 650 and I never put a cover on it. It's pretty scratched up, I've had it for over 2 years.

    If I could do it again, I would get it peached.
  12. I have a 680, and love it. there's a realy great message board/site called TreoCentral you/he might wanna visit. I'm "babydol" over there too lol.