Palm Treo holder?

  1. I recently started using a Treo, love it!! - but am looking to buy a holder for it. Ideally it could clip to one of my bags, though I am not too fussed about that. I just want something to put her in and then place in my bags. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!
  2. I bought one from Vaja - they are beautiful!
  3. ^I have one for my Razor and they are fantastic. Someone else just posted about this a few days ago.
  4. I heard good things about the vaja case also. I wanted one, but just couldn't wait for it to be made so I ended up getting basic, unattractive protection (and a skin). Coach has a logo'd one specifically made for a treo, which is more a case than a fitted cover. Only comes in one color though. Palm Store - Coach™ Signature Treo™ Case

    Surprisingly, there aren't many options for treo owners as popular as they are among women now.
  5. Oooo thanks guys! I am going to go and check them out!


    now on the cheaper side.

    See attached picture.

    there is also this
    that comes in pink as well.
    found on ebay...jpg
  7. ohh I like the pink one
  8. ^^ I just bought it :smile:

    I figure it is doesnt work well then i can just use it to put small things in (inside my handbag)
  9. I have the red phone case from It has a flip cover and it works great. I have tried about
    3 different types and the hard flip cover gets my vote
  10. Sena Blackberry case.jpg
  11. ^^ cute :smile:
  12. I just read somewhere that has the Coach Treo Case on sale for 50% off for the next few days. I think is is $49.99 on sale
  13. I personally have tried tons of cases and never found one I really liked. I've used side laying kind that clip onto my belt, the skin kind made out of rubber and also the latex kind made like a wet suit when I needed something to keep mine clean.
    My fave is a plastic case that is form fitting and hot pink.Makes the treo colored. My DH uses this same one in royal blue. I paid $35 for mine at the mall. They didn't have them on eBay then but this is a FAB deal.


    I had it about a month when the clip broke and I replaced it with this one, which hangs onto my bag sooo cutely! I love this clip:

    You can also get them from best buy.


    I also use the sticker skins to change the color of it often. I got mine from eBay and I got 30 different colors at once. lol.. They have glitter and metallics and all kinds of colors.

    I personally use a clear plastic cover over my phone when I use these stickers. It has a drop down cover for the screen, which is cool and offers extra protection.


    Hope this helps! :smile: :smile: