Palm Springs PM or Girolata

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  1. Help everybody I'm currently trying to pick between these two I like them both for different reasons. Which one gets your vote.
  2. Palm Springs looks super amazing with the large chain extender. :P
  3. Hmmm have you looked at the new Azur backpack? I love that one. But between the choices you gave I'd have to say Girolata but it's kind of a small bag. Have you seen in person?
  4. Hmmm....I'm not crazy about the Girolata or the padded straps on this one. Maybe the new azur backpack. These are two completely different bags, but between the two, I say the Backpack.
  5. Girolata!!!! Can you imagine the Spring and Summer outfits you can pair with this cutie?
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  6. Really hard choice! I like both bags for different reasons. The backpack is more young and urban--so if your style skews that way, I'd go for the backpack. The girolata is really only a summer bag imho. However, it is versatile with its two carrying options (shoulder or by hand), and it's a nice size for weekend errands.
  7. Palm Springs PM. I love mine and it goes with me everywhere.
  8. id say the palm springs..backpacks are so in at the moment!
  9. I like the palm springs more
  10. I was sceptical about the Girolata but it's growing on me. Palm Springs seems more versatile. Year-round bag, handsfree, patina worry-free.
  11. My vote goes to the Girolata; it looks classy and elegant. The interior is also very pretty. I'm not a backpack person, I'd only use it if I go hiking or maybe traveling. Honestly, I also think it's super flashy when you carry an LV backpack (vs a bag as it blends in more) on the street... Good luck with your decision!
  12. Griololata for sure. I'm in the minority I know but I'm not attracted to the backpack at all. Love the print but not the style.
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  13. Out of the two I'd choose the Girolata! It is so gorgeous. As others have said, you may want to check out the new DA backpack as well.