Palm Springs MM: What Fits Inside?

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  1. I wanted to share what can actually fit in the Palm Springs MM, as I only feel like there are references for the mini or PM here or on YouTube.

    I love the style of this backpack, and was going back and fourth online, debating between the PM and the MM. When I finally went to the store to try them on, I felt like the MM was the best size for my body (5'3", size 8-10) and for using the bag as a city/travel bag.

    For the outside pocket, I have my cles key pouch and an iPhone 5 inside. There is still a generous amount of room for keys or another coin purse.

    Inside, I have a make up bag, my Clemence wallet, sunglasses, eye glasses, another small makeup case, and laying flat I have an Instax mini camera. I don't have anything in the rear pocket. As you can see, there is still a bunch of space if you want to load it up.. I plan on taking this to Hawaii with me in the Fall and putting this amount with a 35mm camera inside. For reference, I was not able to fit my 13" Apple computer inside.

    I hope this helps as a reference for anyone considering!

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  2. Some people have been asking if you can fit a MacBook Pro in there. What do you think?
  3. I don't think so. I just tried my 13" Macbook Air and this is what it looks like. I would say the 11" size would fit inside.

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  4. It's beautiful! Congrats!

    This was the very reason why I passed this up as it can't fit my 13"MBP.
  5. That's a shame! A lot of college girls would have loved this bag!
  6. Is this backpack a bit bigger than what it was stated on the website?
  7. Baah, I was hoping that this size would be good for work, but I need to be able to fit a 13" inside. Ah well.
  8. Thank you for saving me a return. I was about to buy this backpack to carry my 13" Mac Pro in it but now I know this will not work. It's so beautiful though! Now I'm thinking about getting the mini.
  9. Thanks for sharing in this post. Have been considering this as one of my next purchases this year. I usually only carry larger bags (MM & GM) so was wondering what fits in this size.
  10. Hi thanks for posting this! I'm having a hard time finding reviews on the MM as well! Do u still own it? How do u like it after use? May I pls see a modeling shot? Thanks !!!!
  11. Hello,can you tell me how many holes do the straps have? TIA