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  1. Anyone know whether Melbourne and Sydney store have any Palm Spring MINI Backpack?
    Im going to LOS ANGELES,LAS VEGAS on August..
    Anyone know which store have this available?
  2. I live in California, not sure if you're from the states but it's been really hard to get here as well.
  3. I heard from my SA that the mini palm springs backpack have a long waiting list. I'm also from California and she said that it's been quite hard to get.
  4. its available online
  5. Hi, everyone. I need your help with this. Is this normal for an authentic palm springs mini to have the front logo misaligned as seen on the attached pic? Everything about the bag is fine like the hardware, straps, etc. except for this. Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks!

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  6. I've seen many authentic ones that are misaligned but it all depends on whether it bothers you. I personally would be bothered by it so I would continue to search for a perfect one. Perfect ones do exist.
  7. Are you talking about the logos on the pocket?
  8. I just went to the LV boutique in my area and they had the mini in stock... And Made In France . I would've gotten it but I just purchased a bag.
  9. Hi Arlene619, where abouts are you?

    I'm located in Sydney Australia and the wait list is really long.

    I made a full deposit early August to have one in, but they're currently shipping stock for those who paid in full in mid July. Mines probably still a while away

    If anyone is interested - I was informed by my SA that they are no longer taking full deposits for the Palm Springs mini! She said they just can't keep up with the demand and will be pushing the new PS mini with the inverted colours when it's released here.