Palm Springs backpack or Sorbonne

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  1. Hi,

    Anyone have a Louis Vuitton backpack they love? Looking for something new for spring/summer. I was considering the Palm Springs or sorbonne

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  2. i have had the PS backpack for a little over two years and while i love it - there is the huge issue of the canvas cracking that you may have heard of on here. it wasnt until i read that on here relatively recently that i very closely inspected my bag. i noticed a super small crack (so small that when i went to look for it another day, i almost didnt see it) but now that i know its there im totally bummed. from here on out i know i just have to be extra careful as to not cause further damage.

    i saw the sorbonne on the site for the first time just the other day and i wish i had the foresight to hold out for that instead. id hope the leather would hold up better, given the awkward positioning of the zipper (assuming that is what causes the cracks in the canvas?). im not sure if the skinnier straps would become an issue with the weight is has to bear but i find them to be more aesthetically pleasing than the PS straps. in my experience, the PS straps are comfortable but favor sliding off my shoulders... a lot.
  3. I think both are very different in characteristic. But both are gorgeous. For me I would go for the Sorbonne because of the canvas issue on the PS.
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  4. I’ve had my PS since it came out back in 2016 and have had no issues with cracking canvas. Lucky? I don’t know but this backpack has been all over with me. I’ve used as an every day bag as well as for travel. So I’d go for the PS as I find it durable and easy to use. I’m also a big fan of backpacks even before the trend started I’ve always used a backpack.
  5. I've been really liking my Montsouris. Went to the store planning to get the PS in the PM size. Although the PS was very comfortable and cute, after playing with it a bit, I realized the zipper would drive me bonkers. My SA showed me the Montsouris instead, and I loved it.
  6. Thanks everyone! I didn’t realize there were issues with cracking.
  7. I absolutely love my PS PM, but I'm now on my second due to cracking. I bought my first one on release day and it ended up cracking really badly on the lip along the zipper. I got my replacement in November. I was thinking of going with something else, but I would miss this bag too much. If I were you, I'd go with the leather one.
  8. how bad was the cracking and how long did you have the first bag before you brought it in to be replaced? ive had mine for two years and it has such a small crack, its so hard to notice unless youre really looking for it. i fear its gonna get worse but i figure at this point LV would chalk it up to normal wear and tear.
  9. That crack will probably get worse as you continue to zip and unzip. On mine the canvas actually tore away. I think I ended up having four or five cracks/tears by the time i brought it in. It's a known issue. I was using mine everyday pretty much at that time as I never wanted to change out to anything else. Looks like I posted my bag originally in the Backpack club on November 14th, 2015, so I had the first one almost exactly 3 years.

    Edited to add that I suggest just continue to use yours until the cracking gets worse. That's what I did. They'll replace it.
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  10. it's comforting to know that i can potentially get a replacement even after years of having it. oh boy, i just cant fathom seeing any more cracks in the canvas :frown: thanks for the advice!
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  11. OP, which bag did you end up getting if any? i dont see Sorbonne on the LV site anymore! i keep getting a page not found message :frown:
  12. I only see it available on the UK/Europe site not in the US :sad:
  13. I haven’t decided yet . Looking at the sperone, montsouris or Palm Springs. The Palm Springs bag is probably more practical/easy but I’m not crazy about thick straps.
  14. Palm Springs is a little edgy with the straps. But I personally love how thick and puffy they are. The Sobronne look more quality and luxe with being leather. Can't go wrong with either personally.
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  15. Yes, Sorbonne isn’t on the site anymore :sad:. I still never decided. I was looking at the Palm Springs but don’t like the bulky straps. Maybe the sperone for summer? The Montsouris isn’t available either on the LV site.