Palm Springs Backpack Mini New Vs Old Version

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  1. #1 Nov 24, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
    So I recently purchased the LV Palm Springs Backpack Mini on the website and on the website it has the new version with the serial number M44873 which I thought I purchased but then I was sent the older version with the serial number M41562 which is quite upsetting :sad:. Since I thought I would be receiving what was on the website.

    I called them and they said since I did the order online they can't do anything about it and they do not even have the new version in stock.

    So I am contemplating keeping it but after reading so many stories of others with the same bag having the zipper issues is making me kind of worried. I don't want the wear and tear :sad:.

    So do you guys think I should keep the bag and hope for the best? The zipper is already a little tough to open and close.

    Or should I return it and keep waiting for the new version ?
  2. I tested both in store and with the older model I could not work the zipper without some struggling even when I was using both hands. Where as with the new model I could easily work it with just one hand. To me that was a deal breaker. I do not want to fight with my bag every time I need to open or close it. Many on the forum prefer the look of the older model but I don’t mind the exposed zipper of the new.

    Additionally when I was waiting for my SA to pick up my PSM I met another lady with hers. It looked so adorable so I complimented her on the backpack. That was when she showed me her zipper on the top half completely detached from the bag and it was not even a year old!

    So personally I would return and get the new model. They are not hard to find. Every time I came into my store they had at least 2 or 3 in stock. All the local stores near me get them in a few times a week too. Good luck deciding.
  3. Thanks for the reply!! This really did help. I don't know why they still are even selling the older version if its causing so many problems. WHAT city do you live in? I live in Toronto and its ALWAYS ALWAYS sold out and you have to be put on a waitlist or I have to check on the website almost daily to see if they restocked. I am torn :sad:.
  4. I think it’s because many people truly prefer the older model. Some for aesthetics and others feel the hidden zipper is better protected from the elements. Many did report that the zipper does get easier with use. Since I only recently noticed the PSM I have no attachment to the older model. I am the US so these are not hard to find. You best bet is to stalk the website. It seems like it pops up pretty regularly. If you really want the newer model then I would wait for it.
  5. Putting wax on the zipper solves the problem as does adding a charm if you like that look. I I think I remember reading someone had the LV store do it for them, but you can buy it fairly inexpensively on Amazon.
  6. I have the old model mono and reverse Palm Springs mini. I don’t use them often so I hope I don’t have issues. At stated above, using a bag charm does help with the zipper.....
  7. Does anyone have the new palm springs mini? If so, is there a date code?
  8. Yes I just got mine a week ago (new model) and it has a date code on the inside of the bag, it was also made in US
  9. Hello, Which store do you shop at? I am looking for a PSM as well.
  10. Just out of curiosity, was it made in the new a Texas Factory/Workshop? I read the Palm Springs Backpack was one of the 6 handbag styles produced there.
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  11. Yes. Just got mine, it is in the inside pocket. I have read lots of comments about their date code tab being sewn right in the seam to the point that it has actually covered half the date code.
  12. how are they even allowed to display the new one, but send the old? isn't that false advertisement at that point. anyways, in toronto it's all about connections sadly. i know someone and have been offered replacements for my bag countless times. go and get to know some sa's and get to know them well, toronto stores see them on a weekly basis, it is just a matter of finding someone that has your best interest. also, this bag shows up online almost daily.

    and on that note, i've had the old and the new model and hands down love the new model so much more. i love the way it looks, love how accessible and functional it is. my vote is for returning the old version and making sure you get the new.
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  13. Yes it was
  14. I will be purchasing mine soon and i was debating on the same thing. I was thinking of getting the new version, but i actually like how the older version looks. I also head that the zipper will get easier to use over time. I guess i dont really like how the zipper is out on the new version.
  15. I prefer the look of the old version but having exchanged my bag for the new I can honesty say I have no regrets. Being able to open your bag ranks above how it looks. I own both the PM and mini and both are horrible to open if you don’t want to risk scratching the leather above the zip. I figured out a way to avoid this by pushing the front in when unzipping, but even being super careful, i started to see cracking in the canvas on both sides of the zipper after only 3 months! Considering how hard it is to get these bags, I would rather avoid the issue and not have to deal with repairs or waiting for a new one to come in. LV replaced my bag without question but I was lucky because my city doesn’t allow for a waitlist and was able to give me the first bag that came in. The exposed zipper is actually not as big of a deal as I originally thought now having used the bags for 2 weeks. And actually I find the bag looks a bit better because the the front sits flatter. The old version was always a bit scrunched in the front because I had to push the front in to zip so it always looked a bit crumpled. The PM you could get away with the old version but just be prepared for the leather cracking at some point. I have had exceptional service with LV, but this doesn’t seem to be consistent with all TPFers experience. I had my bag replaced without question but I have read some had their bags sent for repair or were told it’s regular wear and tear. I wouldn’t want to deal with the uncertainty of recourse personally and would go with the new bag. As for the mini, 100% go with the new. It’s painful to open with that covered zipper. Save yourself the grief!
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