Palm Spring Mini Mono vs Reverse


Jul 21, 2019
I have decided that I once again want to add the PSM to my collection (for good this time) and not worry about what may eventually happen. That being said my local boutique has a reverse in stock. I passed yesterday and said I would wait for the mono but I keep thinking about the reverse. The only other reverse bag I have is the OTG GM and the reverse card holder. I used to have the pochette Métis in reverse but I sold it and ended up getting the monogram one. My collection has grown significantly during this quarantine (thanks late night shopping) so I’m wondering now if I would appreciate this piece in reverse as its unique and a change from the normal prints I have. I guess I’m just wondering since this is mostly the lighter color do those who have the reverse find it hard to match stuff??
Sorry for the rambling post and thanks in advance!


May 27, 2009
I have the mono PSM but have always loved to get a reverse. I reckon reverse all the way! It is A hard to find print, and it sounds like your a reverse kind of person! Good luck


LV and Let LV
Jun 18, 2010
Midwest (formerly Honolulu)
I would still go for the Mono. I think the Reverse in this style is cute too, just the Mono looks particularly good on the PSM and has the added benefit of no vachetta which is usually a hard to find combination for mono bags. Just my 2 cents.


Dec 11, 2017
I have both and while I love them, I would never let go of my reverse one! Reverse is my favourite canvas though so maybe I'm a little (okay fine, a lot more) biased. I didn't have the patience to find it instore so I opted for preloved. Best of luck tracking whiever you want down!


May 6, 2019
I own both and it is, by far, my favorite bag in my collection. If I had to choose just one, I’d definitely pick my Reverse. It just makes me happier and ever since I got it.. I have yet to use the Mono.

I personally haven’t had a tough time matching, as it surprisingly matches with the majority of my wardrobe. Both are absolutely beautiful though and you can’t go wrong with either choice. Good luck :smile:
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