Palm spring mini mono VS NeoNoe Noir


Jan 4, 2020
I just got palm spring mini in monogram but not sure if I want to keep it. I never really carry a lot in my bag. (my phone, card holder, tissue and gums. That’s it..)
It’s really cute but I paid $2100....

I’ve been eyeing on NeoNoe in Noir... it’s super lightweight but it’s a shoulder bag. I have 2 little kids and I wonder if it’s an inconvenient bag for me.

If you have both- which one do you prefer? Or if you could get only one bag... which one would you choose?


Apr 26, 2019
Neonoe can be worn crossbody, albeit a long one if you're on the shorter end (I'm 5'4"). Neonoe's price has increased by $200 since the start of this year (price has increased twice). Not sure how much palm springs mini has increased, but if you've been eyeing neonoe for a while now, I would spring on it. LV and other luxury brands aren't sensitive to current events.

Neonoe is my favorite... I own multiple and would be perfectly happy to acquire more if I saw another one I liked. I don't have kids, so not sure if it would be more inconvenient, but it's large enough to throw in snacks or small toys. It might come in handy if you decide you don't want to carry one bag for yourself and one bag for your kids. You can also fit a small umbrella in it. Also good for travel. Neonoe is my workhorse bag.

On here, I tend to see people complain about LV backpacks. Usually it's canvas peeling and/or the stitching on the straps coming undone. I ended up getting the Coach Parker Convertible 16 after reading/watching reviews of people being unhappy with their Chanel and LV backpacks. Coach is a fraction of the cost, and it seems like other people who returned or had issues with their luxury backpacks opted for Coach too.

I'd also think about your own purchase habits. If you're someone who's in it for the long haul, get the bag that you would be happy with even after your kids get a little older. If you're someone who changes bags every 1-2 years, then a bag that fills your current needs is fine.