Palm/PDA Case?

  1. I've poured over the LV site but haven't found something that screams "perfect" :heart: yet.
    I have a Palm T/X pda that I'd love to find a case for (doesn't have to be an exact perfect fit).
    I've considered a mini accessories pochette but not sure ..:confused1: I just don't want it "loose in my purse". I do use a purseket but would rather it have it's own case.
  2. Monogram Canvas Cigarette Case is great.
  3. theres a new agenda case coming out later and they say in book that it's perfect for PDA's so just hold out a little longer
  4. I have a Palm Tungsten and swap between the mono pochette tikal and the damier azur mini pochette accessories. The mini pochette is a bit of a tight fit, but it works. I like the pochette tikal because of the front pocket--in case I'm not carrying a wallet that day.
  5. The palm case has been discontinued. My DH has one, but he had to modify it to make his pda fit properly. I would take it to the LV store and try the cigarette case... if it is thin then maybe the ipod case would work too??