Palm/jungle Neverfull MM denim/poppy reveal

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm really glad that thanks to all our info here, I was able to reserve one of these beauties! Right now there are only 2 of these available country-wide (not like the 25 of the pink/poppy NFs)!

    Pics to follow!
  2. Congrats! can't wait to see your pics!
  3. Thank you. Here are some photos!

  4. Congrats! I got the pink! It's going to be a fun summer bag!
  5. Congratulations!!! It's gorgeous!
  6. Thank you all and congrats Markxmikesmom on your new bag! :flowers:
  7. I too much prefer this palette- it is gorgeous for summer. And good for you that you bought it early- I predict it will sell out since far fewer were made in denim/poppy. Big mistake. Enjoy!

    Oh, and I love the poppy interior- the dark lines do not detract like with the pink.
  8. Enjoy your bag- it will be fun for summer!
  9. Lucky you! Love it!!!!
  10. Gorgeous NF! Congrats
  11. Beautiful! Haven't seen this one in person yet, only the pink. This one is lovely also. Congrats!
  12. So pretty and fun! Congrats!