Palm & Dots Sadness

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  1. Hello LV LVOEs. So I was reading through my FB and saw a post in a popular chat about a members Palms and Dots NF rubbing on all 4 corners already... She has only had it for 4-5 days. That made me look at my Toiletry Pouch 26 that I got on launch.... Sure enough there was peeling already. I have only used it once as a clutch and then it's been safely tucked in my bag. I am making a trip to my local LV and hopefully they will let me return/exchange it. My Palm & Dots heart is broken. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Maybe I got a defect? I have multiple items with prints and have never had an issue. Thanks for letting me vent. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460865245.158855.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460865263.609795.jpg
  2. What a bummer. Good luck at the store....keep us posted.
  3. +1
  4. That looks terrible on such a newly purchased item. And the color makes it even more noticeable. It's way too delicate.

  5. Definitely will do. I have never had an issue before. I really loved this piece.

  6. I know. I have purchased so many LE items and never had a problem at all. I hoping it's just a defect.
  7. The prints are notoriously delicate and chip easily. Remember the Cerises prints? Sadly, I don't think it's a defect, I think it will happen again with a new bag.

  8. I actually have the Cerises collection and believe it or not they are in perfect condition. I really just want to exchange it for a plain monogram TP 26. This is sad but I learned my lesson.
  9. That's horrible, so sorry, and it scares me as I just splurged on the Speedy Jungle for my birthday......Oh my........
  10. Strange. I've had absolutely no chipping with my Ramages NF from last year. I just received the TP 26 today and I'm wondering If I should keep??
  11. oh geeez. I just purchased a Neverfull today, the red palm blue dots print. I will use it every day this week and see how it goes.
  12. Oh boy. That's not good for all. I hope LV sorts this out for u. Good luck. This is the second one I have seen like this.
  13. Oh no! I hope they will let you exchange for something else.
  14. This chipping happened exact same to my mini pouchette Christmas animation just after one usage.
  15. Good! I have seen many chipped Cerises though... so it's not unusual at all. But I am with you anyway. I would exchange for a plain one.